Finish line

Yes I am glad to say that I am done everything, a high five to my fellow classmates (y)



I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get into the #saskedchat because I didn’t know what I was going to do or what to expect. I wasn’t sure what to do until someone told me to do this and that, then I was there with the conversation. Waited for the questions to come, I tried my best in answering them, because they were just going fast with the questions. Although it was some conversation I was in with the disagreeing and all, but it was still interesting and fun but did learn something new tonight  Some people favorite my answers which was cool, haha, got some followers from there too, I think they were mostly teachers anyways (I hope).


Responding to the question given about BYOD:

Now that you have had an opportunity to explore issues, ideas and thinking around BYOD, what is your opinion and or experiences regarding students bringing their own devices to school?

At first when I went into this module, I kept asking myself “what is BYOD?” so I had to google it just to find more information about it, so I was surprised to learn what it was and what impact its doing to parents and schools out there. Yeah, it seems like a very good idea because it can help the students by having the devices on hand so they don’t have to move to another classroom to use technology. Of course, the students will need to learn about the classroom rules and safety rules while online, and when the devises are not needed.   On the other hand, with these devices in schools, would the students actually be learning if they are not thinking for themselves depending on the cell, iPad, etc?

Making this blog

Making blogs and everything we do online is so time consuming and somehow frustrating, but I do love to learn about internet and comes with it.  I am still trying to learn what needs to be done and whatnot but hopefully I can complete what is needed to be done.